Lorry Rental in Sepang

Move your equipment, goods, and belongings with a dependable lorry rental from Mister Lorry – a leading lorry transport services provider in Malaysia. We provide the best lorry rental service in Malaysia of the highest-quality, may it be for a short-term, monthly, or long-term leasing packages at reasonable rates.

  • Excellent selection of branded trucks and lorries
  • Properly maintained transport vehicles
  • Exceptional lorry transport service
  • Competitive lorry transport rates



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Accidents in the workplace are inevitable especially if you have heavy equipment transporter vehicles like lorry trucks. To avoid these risks, companies often choose to hire companies that provide lorry rental in Sepang with professional operators. Mister Lorry is the company you are looking for!

We are a leading provider of moving and relocation solutions. We offer high-quality rental of lorry trucks in Sepang to local and international clients residing in Malaysia. Our goal is to meet our client’s requirements and timeline to guarantee quality and professional services.

Reliable Lorry Rental in Sepang

Safety measures are one of the most important keys to providing a safe workplace to our clients. That’s why we stay committed to our guidelines to be able to prioritize our clients’ safety. We perform a risk assessment and relocation plan operation, briefing of our team on their responsibilities, and securing the workplace if there are any hazards and high-risk factors.

Maintaining the mechanical condition and performance of our lorry trucks is also part of our safety measures. We conduct scheduled checking and inspection of our machines. These help us lessen and assess future risks in using our rental units.

Flexible lorry cranes in Malaysia

To cater to different construction requirements and weight capacity needs, we have invested in having an extensive fleet of lorry trucks. We provide light-duty small-sized lorry cranes – 1-ton lorries, medium-sized lorry cranes – 3-ton lorries, and heavy-duty-large-sized lorry cranes – 5-ton and 10-ton lorries. For a full list of our lorry trucks and services.

To let our clients decide which best suits their needs, we also provide consultants for lorry specifications and a flexible timeline for our rental services. We offer monthly lorry rental and long-time rental time for our rental units.

Achieve a safe workplace with Mister Lorry!

Hire high-quality lorry rentals with professional operators in Sepang. Call us at 012-4522862 or mail us at info@lorryrentalmalaysia.com to book our vehicles.

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