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Move your equipment, goods, and belongings with a dependable lorry rental from Mister Lorry – a leading lorry transport services provider in Malaysia. We provide the best lorry rental service in Malaysia of the highest-quality, may it be for a short-term, monthly, or long-term leasing packages at reasonable rates.

  • Excellent selection of branded trucks and lorries
  • Properly maintained transport vehicles
  • Exceptional lorry transport service
  • Competitive lorry transport rates



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Mister Lorry is an established lorry rental company in Malaysia that provides moving solutions and crane services in Malaysia. Our goal is to offer lorry trucks and cranes with the highest quality and standards to accommodate clients’ needs. Lorry Rental Company strives to be a well-respected company that has reliable and quality products and services in terms of providing lift, height safety, and rig in the industry.

Our History

Mister Lorry began with a few crane rental units with few-ton capacities offered to local clients. Through the years, we have invested in expanding and updating our fleets and services for better services provided to our clients and customers. Today, we now offer lorry trucks with different ton capacities to better serve our clients.

Why Hire Us

Since we are in the rental industry, clients often hire us for relocation projects and the moving of heavy items and goods. We have been working to provide clients with safe and hassle-free transportation. So if you are planning to relocate heavy equipment and items, here are the reasons why Mister Lorry is the right lift rental company for you:

Lead by professionals

Using lift machines can be hard for anyone who is not trained to use one. Thus, Mister Lorry provides clients with trained professional drivers in order to ensure safety and proper truck operation.


Instead of buying one lorry truck, that will surely cost a lot, renting one is one right solution especially for clients who are with small relocation projects and companies that require trucks for a small period of time.

Shorter Transportation Time

With Mister Lorry, the length of the relocation project can be shortened by providing speed when compared to the standard process of construction.

Wide Choice of Lorry Rentals

By hiring Mister Lorry, you are provided with choices to help you decide which lorry truck is perfect for your relocation needs including the weight capacity, and speed.

Secure your construction project with Mister Lorry!

Planning to have a relocation project? Work with Mister Lorry to ensure safety and quality lorry rentals. Call us at 012-4522862 to get a quote for our services. You can also visit our site for the areas we serve.
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