Lorry Rental in Kajang

Move your equipment, goods, and belongings with a dependable lorry rental from Mister Lorry – a leading lorry transport services provider in Malaysia. We provide the best lorry rental service in Malaysia of the highest-quality, may it be for a short-term, monthly, or long-term leasing packages at reasonable rates.

  • Excellent selection of branded trucks and lorries
  • Properly maintained transport vehicles
  • Exceptional lorry transport service
  • Competitive lorry transport rates



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Lorry trucks are one of the most useful tools for transporting and relocating heavy materials to a new place. Most companies do not have the luxury of buying and owning one lorry so they opt for renting one. If you are one of the companies who have chosen renting lorries, then you need to find the best lorry rental in Malaysia.

Mister Lorry is a known Malaysia-based rental provider for moving solutions. We offer high-quality lorry rental in Kajang and other parts of the country. Our goal is to lessen working hours by making the workload easier with our high-quality lorry trucks.

Efficient Lorry Rental in Malaysia

Aside from offering rental solutions, Mister Lorry is also known to give an efficient performance to clients. One of our priorities is the safety and well-being of our clients. That’s why we keep on checking the mechanical condition of our lorry trucks to avoid future problems in the workplace while using them.

To better serve our clients, we also have invested in providing our clients with professional drivers and operators together with our lorries. Having them included with our services guarantees that the lorries will be used properly and gives safety reassurance to our clients.

Diverse Range of Lorry Trucks in Malaysia

To widen our capacity to accommodate clients and different construction requirements, we have decided to expand our fleet of lorry cranes to provide a range of choices to our clients. From 1-ton lorry for rent, we now included 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10-ton lorries for our clients’ choices. These lorry cranes enable our clients to decide and think thoroughly about which lorries fit their needs.

Another improvement we also imply is to provide flexible rent duration for our clients. We allow them to avail and choose between our short-time and long-time rental of our units. These help them plan better, accomplish more and save more money and time.  For a full list of our lorry rental and other areas we serve.

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