Lorry Rental in Petaling Jaya

Move your equipment, goods, and belongings with a dependable lorry rental from Mister Lorry – a leading lorry transport services provider in Malaysia. We provide the best lorry rental service in Malaysia of the highest-quality, may it be for a short-term, monthly, or long-term leasing packages at reasonable rates.

  • Excellent selection of branded trucks and lorries
  • Properly maintained transport vehicles
  • Exceptional lorry transport service
  • Competitive lorry transport rates



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Lorry trucks are essential in doing relocation projects for personal use and business purposes. Established companies sometimes choose to buy one, but for personal work, clients opt for renting one. Hence, if you are planning to rent a heavy equipment machine, you need to find the best suitable for your needs,

Mister Lorry is a company in Malaysia that provides quality relocation solutions. We offer lorry rentals in Petaling Jaya and other parts of the country. Our main goal is to provide all-around lorries with the highest quality to clients.

Lorry Trucks in Petaling Jaya

The quality of products and services provided is essential in the rental industry. Since we provide lorry rentals, we devoted our time and effort to improving and expanding our services as well as our rental units. We ensure the maintenance of our lorries to give the clients the quality they are looking for.

Mister Lorry is also known for having professional drivers. By having them included in our services and lorry rentals in Petaling Jaya, clients can be satisfied with the polished work and movements of our lorries. Relocation time can also be shortened and easier with our operators.

Lorry rental in Malaysia

To remain competent, we started expanding the variety of our lorry trucks. We started with a 1-ton lorry for rent, now, we have 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10-ton lorry rentals. These options for rental units are provided to clients to let them choose and decide which is perfect for their moving project and task. To view a full list of our lorry rental units.

Aside from a variety of lorry trucks, we also provide flexible rental time to our clients. They can choose from monthly lorry rental and long-term rental of our lorries. And just to avoid confusion and miscommunication, contracts are provided before lending the machines.

Finish your relocation task on time with Mister Lorry!

Looking for the best quality in lorry rentals in Petaling Jaya? Work with Mister Lorry by calling 012-4522862 or sending an email at info@lorryrentalmalaysia.com.

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