Lorry Rental Service in Balakong

Move your equipment, goods, and belongings with a dependable lorry rental from Mister Lorry – a leading lorry transport services provider in Malaysia. We provide the best lorry rental service in Malaysia of the highest-quality, may it be for a short-term, monthly, or long-term leasing packages at reasonable rates.

  • Excellent selection of branded trucks and lorries
  • Properly maintained transport vehicles
  • Exceptional lorry transport service
  • Competitive lorry transport rates



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When moving items and goods, it is important to have a lorry to make workloads easier and hassle-free. Finding the perfect lorry rental in Balakong can be stressful if you are unable to identify which is suitable to your needs. Hence, you need to rent the best lorry service to aid you and your team.

Mister Lorry is an established rental services company in Malaysia that offers moving solutions and lorries for rent in Balakong. Our goal is to make moving and transportation of items easier by providing high-quality lorries and professional drivers in Balakong, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and other parts of Malaysia.

Broad Range of Lorry Rental Services in Balakong, Kuala Lumpur, & Selangor

Since clients look for diverse services in the rental industry that can cater to their moving requirements, we have invested in widening our fleet of lorries with different weight capacities. From offering standard lorry trucks, we offer 1-ton, 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10 ton lorry for rental units.

We offer flexible lorry rental packages that match your budget and equipment needs. We accommodate short-term, monthly, and long-term lorry rental services at competitive rates. Visit our website to know more about our services and the areas we serve.

Lorry Rental in Malaysia with Excellent Services

Mister Lorry is known to give professional lorry for rent services to its clients. All lorries are well-maintained and constantly checked by our team of professional mechanics to ensure the integrity and functionality of our lorries and lorry cranes.

Our lorry rental with a driver service comes with professionally trained drivers and operators who are well-adept in handling different dimensions and models of lorries and lorry cranes and can provide you with transport service to make your move more convenient and hassle-free.

Suitable lorry trucks for your relocation projects

Ensure a successful and hassle-free relocation of your goods and belongings with Mister Lorry! Call us on 012-4522862 or email us at info@lorryrentalmalaysia.com to book our vehicles.

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